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We often hear from brands that UGC performs better on certain channels compared with Traditional Content. While this insight can be a little painful to us “filmmakers”, there is still very much a time and a place for the high-end stuff. What’s more, there is plenty of scope to maximise creativity in concepts, production and execution when harnessing UGC or mimicking its look. 

For the right projects and briefs we’ve been leaning into the UGC look more and more. Here’s a little of what we’ve learned along the way. 

BearJam UGC

UGC vs Traditional Content: A Tale of Two Styles

The Realness of UGC

Picture this: content created by your customers, influencers, and creative folks out there. UGC often comes across as less polished but oh-so-authentic. It's like catching a genuine smile rather than a posed one. This type of content is perfect for building a sense of community and trust. Why? Because its realness resonates deeply with viewers.

The Polish of Traditional Content

On the flip side, we have Traditional Content. This is the stuff crafted by your brand's in-house wizards or an ace outsourced agency or production company like BearJam. It's sleek, polished, and fits your brand like a glove. It's like the difference between a candid photo and a professional portrait – both have their charm.


Weighing the Pros and Cons



  • Cost-effective, diverse, and oh-so-authentic. But watch out for varying quality and less control
  • It works very well on social as it's what the viewer is expecting to see and won’t disrupt the scroll


  • Whilst blending in is good, it could lead your content to be overlooked
  • With UGC becoming more popular with brands, outreach can be costly, both to your time and budget

Traditional Content:


  • Consistent quality
  • On-brand voice
  • Professional flair


  • More expensive and time-intensive to produce


The Best of Both Worlds

Mixing UGC and traditional content? Yes, but not necessarily in the same video. There is certainly room for both in a video content strategy, though.  Where UGC brings authenticity and relatability, driving engagement and conversions, Traditional content ensures your brand's message stays consistent and polished. A powerful combination, if you ask me.


Filming UGC: Tips to Keep It Top-Notch

If timelines are tight and you want to give UGC a try you can always try your hand at recreating its look and feel yourself.  Here are some quick tips:

  • Orientation: nothing sings UGC like a vertical frame. 
  • Camera: Your smartphone will do just fine but do aim for high resolution – clarity is key. 
  • Audio: If you need audio, do want to can to get good sound. Viewers can live with some camera shake or questionable framing, its part of the look, but poor-quality audio is a no-no. Find a quiet spot, use a mic, hire a sound recordits, or at least try and fix it in post. 
  • Authenticity & Personalisation: Encourage personality! A touch of the real person behind the camera can work wonders. Why not throw a selfie in! 
  • All in the eyes: the odd look to camera or interaction with the person filming helps sell the UGC look
  • Set the scene: what is the reason this is being filmed and is that believable?  


Thats a wrap – a little insight into the world of UGC and Traditional Content.

So, what's your take? How do you balance the authentic with the polished? Let's chat in the comments!

Happy creating!