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vlog series: dec 2022

Right. What is it? John says, look busy. Well, Tristan, you're just on your phone in the back. Quite dry lips. What was I going to say? Maybe I should have written this in advance. Can you edit that Louie? Okay. Welcome to the latest Bear Jam blog. And as you can see from the Christmas jumper, it is of course December. It's the year end. And to do something a little bit different, I thought I'd do a year end wrap up. I've asked the team to send me questions, which I've got here. Let's get into it. Question one. What's been your biggest highlight of the year? The highlight for me was when we launched the new look Bear Jam website. Hopefully you've all seen it. It's also... it looks great, it's really well built, but the website for me is kind of the tip of the iceberg of the transformation journey that Bear Jam's been on this year in 2022.
Going live with the website was definitely the moment where it felt like, okay, we've done it. Mission accomplished, let's look forward now. Get back out there and do more great work. So I think that was a real highlight for me. I can't wait to see what 2023 will bring. Next question. Favorite podcast of 2022. I really enjoyed the Missing Crypto Queen on BBC Sounds, but my kind of go-to favorite podcast series is... God what it's called now? It's called Cautionary Tales. And it's about real life kind of catastrophes and disasters that are kind of retold and you can kind of take a lesson from those, which is... it's really interesting. I definitely recommend that. And next up, favorite film or TV show. So I normally go for kind of documentaries in terms of my first choice of film, but my kind of favorite film or favorite film moment of 2022 was going to go and see Sing 2.


Because I took my daughter, she's three, it was the first time she's been to the cinema. So we had a really lovely moment watching that together until her kind of concentration run out about an hour in. And I was pretty keen to stay and finish it. I couldn't have got through 2022 without dot dot dot. All right, so for this one I have to, of course, and it's a bit cheesy, say the Bear Jam team. Without them obviously we couldn't do the work that we do do. As part of the transformation that we've been on this year, we've grown the team, which has been great, got new capabilities and so much talent in-house which I'm really, really proud of. Good point to segue that filming this two days before our Christmas party.


What were your top three projects? One that we've just finished was a flagship webinar for Knight Frank called The European Breakfast, which was a big production for us, involved a huge studio shoot day, a trip to Paris to shoot a VT over there, had to build loads and loads of graphics to play on screens during the presentations. Why it is in my top three is because it kind of signifies some of the growth that Bear Jam has been on. We've been working with Knight Frank for 10 years now, believe it or not. And when I look back at some of the first projects we did for them to The European Breakfast, which was a really kind of glossy production is it makes me really proud. It kind of shows the growth and the journey that we've been on as a business and Bear Jam's been able to go on, if that makes sense.
So got to do three. Okay. One down. The next one would be... oh, so the project for Gravity Road and Smart Energy with Albert Einstein, which was an actor in a prosthetic face mask. So I really loved working on this project because it was really rewarding. So it was a really collaborative project. So we worked quite closely with the creatives at Gravity Road, who'd come up with some contents, but really needed our helpers, video content experts, particularly in terms of social content to help them bring it to life. So we brought in a director that we knew would be able to get the right kind of comedic performances from the actors. And then we kind of built a team that was going to deliver the project as best as possible. And we did it all in a really short space of time. So super collaborative, really fun one to work on and a great end result.
And then another one was for BCW and the pharmaceutical client, who I think I'm not allowed to name for legal reasons, four different social ads that we had to shoot in one day in one massive location, outdoor location, four different scenes. So it was a huge amount to get through on the day. Everyone worked really, really hard. We had a great kind of feeling of camaraderie on the day on set to get through everything and then manage to smash it out the park. I had to stand in fairly last minute as the director, because the director that we had got in had to drop out. Not being too biased, but I think I did a pretty good job and it was a really enjoyable one, but a lot to do. And what I love about those days when you finally wrap and it's done and you've done a great job and you've kind of been in the zone all day and you take a step back and you can breathe and you're just kind of really pleased and proud of what you've achieved and what the team's done.
So that's another one. Is that three? Yeah, I think that's three. Okay. That was my top three. What project have you learned the most from? I think what I really enjoy about the work that we do is the clients and the projects are so broad. You kind of get to dip into all sorts of different businesses and different brands and meet different people. So one day you might be hearing about the state of debt in the real estate market and then the next day you are working out how to compound Scarlett Moffatt's face onto an old Nokia.

Hi. Scarlett Moffatt here. Can't you tell?

What was the question again? Projects you've learned the most from. Yeah, I think I've kind of answered that in a roundabout way. Do you prefer bears or jam? Bears or jam? Okay. Bears, definitely bears. Weirdest client request. One of the funniest requests of the year was... so often when we're doing an animation, one of the team will normally kind of do what we call a scratch voiceover. So they'll just record it on their phone and we have kind of set the animation or the edit to the pace of that. Well Katie, who joined the team this year has kind of stood in as our in-house voiceover artist. So she always does the voiceovers for when we need those placeholders. And one of our clients loved Katie's voice so much that they refused to have a professional voiceover on it. And we ended up having to send Katie to a voiceover recording studio in Soho and Katie actually did the voiceover for the project and the client loved it and was really happy.

Transforming our society, increasing our understanding.

That's it. That was quick. Thank you for watching the vlog. Happy Christmas. Happy new year. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas break. Enjoy your time off and we look forward to seeing you in 2023 with even more brilliant projects from Bear Jam and my awesome, awesome team. Anymore for anymore? Favorite employee. That's an easy one. My favorite employee is...

It's our final vlog of the year! James takes us through BearJam's top projects of the year and answers some great questions.


Have a fabulous Christmas and great new year for all of us at BearJam!


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