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BearJam Wins Gold and Silver at the 2023 Corporate Cannes Awards

Hey there, fellow video enthusiasts and connoisseurs of cinematic excellence! Hold onto your director's chairs because we've got some red-carpet-worthy news to share. BearJam is walking away with not one, but two glittering trophies from the 2023 Corporate Cannes Awards, and we're here to spill the tea on these blockbuster wins!

BearJam award Company of Cooks
BearJam Silver Award Croydon

Project #1: Oratorio of Hope

Client: London Mozart Players & The London Borough of Croydon


Picture this: London, Borough of Culture for 2023-24, was gearing up for two grand performances of the "Oratorio of Hope." A symphony that was set to unite the community of Croydon with the power of music. What better way to set the stage than with a film that would make even Hollywood's finest do a double take?

Enter BearJam, the magicians behind the lens. We were entrusted with the task of capturing the vibrant heart and soul of Croydon on screen, all while making it snappy, energetic, and as diverse as a street art mural in this cultural hotspot.

We collaborated with Croydon's Poet Laureate, Shaniqua Benjamin, whose enchanting poem served as the backbone of our film. With her words in hand, we embarked on a Croydon adventure that spanned four days, involving local artists, students, filmmakers, and cultural hotspots.

The result? A film that pulsates with the rhythm of Croydon itself! We're talking diverse, authentic, and impactful – just like the borough it celebrates.


Project #2: In The Company of

Client: Company of Cooks


Now, let's switch gears to a different kind of feast – not one of music, but of culinary delights. The Company of Cooks needed an "About Us" video with a dash of sophistication and a whole lot of style. And guess who they called? BearJam, the masters of visual storytelling!

For this project, we stepped into the Royal Academy of Arts, the backdrop for an exquisite dinner party that would leave you salivating. Our mission? To create a one-shot wonder that transported viewers into the heart of this soirée.

Imagine the challenge – one continuous shot, no room for hiccups! To ensure a flawless performance, we broke the sequence into three sections, cleverly concealing our cuts while savouring each course of this cinematic feast.

Lighting? Ah, yes! Our 360-degree view demanded creative solutions. We floated a 6-meter lighting balloon above the table, bathing our guests in a soft, flattering glow without unsightly rigging.

Post-production? It was all about the magic of editing, colour grading, and sound design, turning this dinner party into a visual and auditory masterpiece.


In the end, both projects clinched honours at the 2023 Corporate Cannes Awards, and we couldn't be prouder. It's proof that when BearJam gets behind the camera, magic happens.


So, whether it's capturing the cultural tapestry of Croydon or the culinary artistry of Company of Cooks, we're here to turn your vision into an award-winning reality. Stay tuned for more movie-worthy moments from BearJam, your go-to video production maestros!