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How to make relevant content? Tell stories that matter.

From continuing humanitarian crises to ongoing environmental misery, these days feel increasingly like dangerous days. Which is why it’s more vital than ever to connect audiences with powerful video content telling stories of positive change.

Such stories come in all colours and shades, hailing from every corner of the globe.

For instance, young lawyers from Freshfields swapping the courtroom for the street corner, apprenticing themselves to Big Issue sellers, and being forced to reassess their attitudes towards homelessness in the process.


Or a team of restaurant and hospitality all-stars toughing out a six-day trek through the Nepalese Himalayas to raise over £100k on behalf of Action Against Hunger.


Or, to offer an example that wasn’t produced by the Bear Jam team, ‘Without Walls’, part of Johnnie Walker’s Storyline content initiative, which has a self-proclaimed mission to ‘inspire others by enabling incredible human stories to be told’.

Giving filmic form and narrative voice to thought-provoking, socially engaged stories is a huge part of what Bear Jam does for our brand and corporate clients. We love to create video content with partner organisations, communities, individuals and other filmmakers. Combining our passion for filmmaking with the aim of inspiring genuine social and environmental change is a really powerful combination.

Purposeful filmmaking of this kind doesn’t take a single form. It could be a seconds-long social media snippet. It might be an in-depth documentary or a snappy animation, like the one we’ve recently completed for . Whatever best suits the story being told, helping it reach the right audience.

Format and distribution are, of course, integral aspects of the conception process for any video project. And they’re something we can help you with, just as readily and expertly as we can with storytelling nous and production expertise.