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Vlog Series: Sept 2022

How's it looking? Good? All right. Oh, it's gone. There we go. First one.

Do you want some notes?

Yeah. When you watch this, you'll see the better version rather than that first one which Tariq has just fed back on. Right. Take two.

Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. James here from BearJam. Now, we've been pretty quiet in terms of sharing things so far this year, but we've been anything but quiet behind the scenes. BearJam has actually been on a transformation, and this transformation has seen us grow, adding new talent and capabilities to our in-house team. We've also been tightening up on all of our internal processes, including how we quote and produce projects, and store and archive our work.

Riveting stuff, right? But the most exciting aspect has been our rebrand. Don't panic, we're still BearJam, although we have removed the gap between Bear and Jam, so it's just one word now. It's an SEO thing. And this rebrand centers around our tagline of bold powerful video, which has always been our commitment, but now we're putting it front and center when we're talking about ourselves.

So I'm very proud to show off the new look, which I might add, we designed in-house. You'll see it in decks, documents, on social channels, and of course on our brand new custom-built website, which so I'm told, has a gorgeous backend. And the office here in Brixton has had a bit of a refresh too.

Another part of the transformation has been our further commitment to doing our bit for the planet. And we've joined Ecology and 1% for the Planet. But whilst all this has been going on, it's been business as usual here, and we've been producing bold powerful video for a range of clients. Here's a little snapshot. Roll VT.

So, there you have it. A new look, bigger and better BearJam. One word. Go check out the website. Let me know what you think, and have a look at the new branding. Let me know what you think of that. And if you've got a video project in mind, we'd love to hear from you. Thanks for listening. Cut. Right, we're done.


And we're back with a bang!

James has some great news to share with you all in our brand new redecorated offices!

And look...a cheeky cameo from Tariq, our Ops and HR Lead.

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