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Why turning around videos quickly helps brands stay relevant

The reasons why it’s helpful to release video quickly and tips for doing so.

As social media users, we have come to expect our feeds to be filled with new, relevant video content each time we refresh the page. Due to this, speedy turnaround on video posts has become an essential aspect of online posting and marketing in order to stay relevant – whether for Instagram, Facebook, or embedding into websites and emails. Creating video content quickly and effectively means that it can be posted to social media as soon as possible, sometimes the very same day, allowing your company to stay on-trend and keep your audience in the loop. Not only do consumers expect video content, Facebook newsfeed algorithm changes have been implemented, meaning that video content is often prioritised over photos or text, and companies marketing on social media will find it harder to have the same level of reach they may have been used to on the platform.

It’s also a much more personal method of sharing news – if something goes wrong for whatever reason, a video can be a clean and professional way to update your customers on the situation. For instance, in terms of the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal, a video is a more appealing and professional-looking method of ensuring any worried clients that their data is safe and is likely to get much more attention than a block of text or a mass-email.

What do we mean by ‘quick turnaround’ content?

Cunard Cruise

We’ve had crews aboard cruise ships shooting and editing content for posting almost immediately to Instagram stories – including a drone shot of the Queen Mary 2 that was posted within an hour of the ship setting sail.

Flip Street

We worked with Lyle’s Golden Syrup when they renamed Phipp Street in East London to ‘Flip Street’ to celebrate Pancake Day, handing out free pancakes throughout the day. BearJam shot the footage whilst an editor worked tirelessly nearby, curating the footage into the video that was complete by the time the event was over and ready to share on various social media channels.


Tips & Tricks

Find ways you can repurpose pre-existing video.
This may feel like cheating, but it’s only being resourceful! If you’re chronicling a specific event new footage will need to be shot, but for something more text-based or not location-specific, check your B-roll archives before setting off to shoot brand new video.

Create and share types of videos that are easier to create off-the-cuff.
Similarly to using pre-existing footage, try making content that is easy to create quickly. Of course, you don’t want it to be overly formulaic to a point where the content doesn’t feel true to your company, but finding a method that works for you and your and audience can make speedy content creation much more straightforward. Don’t aim for same-day animated video, for instance – but same day, documentary style pieces or trendy social media content can be quick to produce without skimping on quality.

Be prepared.

Preparation is vital in creating good content quickly. For instance, BearJam’s ‘Flip Street’ video project took intense planning procedures, agreeing on shots, angles, music, titles – everything in advance. Having the shoot plan locked beforehand meant that the day could be shot, edited and shared in a professional and streamlined manner, and gave more time to optimise the content for different channels (i.e., shorter clips for Instagram as opposed to Facebook).

Making beautiful video content quickly is important and can be stressful – but it doesn’t need to be. Let us know if there’s a project you need any help on. Good preparation is key!