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Talbot Underwriters’ Cyber and Technology department needed two different animation videos. One to explain the threats and risks of cyber-attacks and one to show how Talbot’s service worked to counter these risks. We were asked to script, design and produce both videos with completely different styles. The videos also needed to be easily localised for a number of foreign languages and easily versioned so local insurance companies could host the videos with their own logo and branding.

the answer.

Cyber Attacks Video
We designed a slightly sinister and dark environment to reflect the risks of a cyber attack. Fluid and dynamic transitions take the viewer from scene to scene, whilst the sound design - a hugely important part of this animation - further immersed the viewer and amplified the messaging and tone. 

Cyber Emergency Response Video
A vibrant and more positive character-based animation, explaining what support is in place when a cyber attack occurs. Engaging visuals and friendly characters made sure that the animation was entertaining, whilst clearly getting messages across. 

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