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Success story

animation video suite

Fortra (previously HelpSystems)

the ask.

BearJam was asked to provide a collection of videos, nine total, to support a rebrand for Fortra. The videos would span three products/services - the first two already having been established and the third being launched soon. Each product was different, so we needed the videos to highlight those differences while also being recognisable under one larger look and feel. 

the answer.

We designed a bespoke look & feel using Fortra’s new branding that encompassed their many products. We wanted each video to have a standalone style that sat comfortably under the Fortra umbrella. With each video having a complex topic and message to get across, we broke it down into abstract animations that showcased the threats and dangers posed to Fortra’s customers. Presenting Fortra’s products as a protector that stopped these threats in their tracks was key to getting the messages across.

We wanted to create a feeling of depth in the animations and achieved that by creating a faux 3D environment that draws the viewer in and is an unseen style in this industry, engaging the audience in a visually appealing explainer animation.

Using a single element that we follow from scene to scene helps to create a story that leads the viewer throughout the video, creating seamless transitions that flow into each other. Sound design was used to help immerse the viewer into the world of Fortra and highlight key areas of the scripts. 

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