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We are delighted to share that BearJam has been honoured with two prestigious awards at the recent Brand Film Awards EMEA 2024: Best Post-Production Editing and Best B2B Film. This recognition is not just a win for our team; it's a celebration of the relentless creativity, technical skill, and collaborative spirit that define everything we do at BearJam.


A Night of Recognition

The Brand Film Awards EMEA 2024, held on the 23rd of April at the chic Ham Yard Hotel in London, brought together the crème de la crème of the industry. This event celebrated outstanding achievements across various categories including business, lifestyle, entertainment, and more, recognising not only collaborative efforts across the sector but also the powerful impact of strategic storytelling through film.


BearJam’s Winning Edge

The Best Post-Production Editing award was given to our project, Oratorio of Hope. This accolade serves as a powerful endorsement of our team's ability to utilise post-production editing techniques to weave a coherent and cohesive narrative. This project exemplifies how our team's collaborative effort can enhance the storytelling power of film, transforming raw footage into a compelling narrative that resonates with audiences.

The Best B2B Film award was earned by our project, In The Company Of. This award acknowledges our expertise in crafting films that not only engage but also deliver on strategic objectives, providing real value to our business clients through compelling storytelling and creative visuals.


A Source of Inspiration

The awards evening was an extraordinary opportunity for networking and drawing inspiration from our peers. The vibrant creativity and innovation showcased at the event remind us of the dynamism that thrives within our industry. These interactions are invaluable as they fuel our passion and drive us to further our commitment to excellence in creating exceptional branded content.


Highlights from the Evening

While the night was certainly a significant one for BearJam, it was also a celebration of the broader community's achievements. Here are a few standout winners from other categories:


Charity/Third Sector

Project name: Change The Ending Client: Alzheimer’s Research UK



Best use of Humour

Project name: Kyle Walker ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Contract Extension





Project name: FAST Heroes and Tanya the Teacher



Issues & Reputation Crisis

Project name: A Lawyer Looks Like Me