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How to get more from your video content.

So you’ve just produced your latest brand film. It’s a masterpiece, naturally; packed with all the emotion and excitement guaranteed to win the lifelong loyalty of its captivated audience. But that’s not the end of the story – not by a long shot…

Oh sure, a tasty slice of branded content, perfectly crafted to achieve and surpass its objectives, is a treat in itself.

But the footage shot during the production of that content still has plenty more to offer, regardless of whether it made the final cut or not.

The routes to repurposing that footage are as multitudinous as the trailing ends on a plate of spaghetti. But just to get you started, here are a few ideas harvested from the Bear Jam brain farm…

Social media sizzlers

A short teaser cut of your hero film, calibrated to Instagram, Twitter, et al, offers potent route for enticing an even bigger audience to the full-length version.

Factoring any such social edits into your original brief is a smart move. It allows your production company to plan for content (eg. readability minus audio) and technical requirements (eg. ensuring your content is frame-safe for all aspect ratios).

Another option could be to take an existing creative asset, such as an infographic, and animate it, giving you another golden nugget of social media goodness.

Tell more stories

No brand has just one single story to tell. There are stories about its people, its journey, its future vision, and so on and so forth.

Footage shot in the service of past video projects could well help tell some of those other stories. And unlocking your existing archive’s potential to deliver fresh content might be as simple as a quick re-edit or adding a new voiceover.

Not only that, but also:

Okay, some super quick-fire suggestions designed to get those thought-juices marinating…

Re-cut general location footage as a snazzy showcase for your premises
On your next big project, make sure there’s behind-the-scenes shooting, allowing for a fun edit capturing all the day’s action

f you’re interviewing internal talent at your company, also ask about upcoming projects – even if you have to wait to use the footage, it could still save from further shooting with the same contributor later on.

So! Hopefully that little lot has got you thinking about how to get the most from your next video shoot and the footage already at your disposal