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a conversation about sexual assault.


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Season 2 of Netflix’s hit show, Sex Education, tackled the real-life issue of sexual harassment on public transport. The character of Aimee is assaulted on her way to school.  We were asked to film a frank conversation between Aimee Lou Wood and Patricia Allison, who play Aimee and Ola, the show creator Laurie Nunn and Everyday Sexism founder Laura Bates, as they discuss the powerful sexual assault storyline from Season 2.

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Directed by Lucy Brydon and shot and recorded by an all-female crew, we created a safe space for this free-flowing conversation, covering their own experiences, the way the show deals with sexual assault and why talking publicly about the issues raised is so important. The authenticity of the piece was crucial, we wanted it to feel like ‘fly on the wall’ meets in-depth podcasts, and as such the final edit ended up at 35 mins long.

Visually, to link to the show, we used a warm colour palette with a hint of retro. Lucy was keen to avoid it feeling like a standard ‘set-up’ studio environment, so we captured everything on a bus similar to that used in the show. Utilising the unusual location of a bus interior, we positioned the cameras in different locations to capture individuals but also keep a sense of intimacy and trust for the group. At the time of writing the final video has been viewed over 1,000,000 times. 

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