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Success story

bloom, like you do.

HB Reavis

the ask.

HB Reavis approached BearJam to produce a local area and lifestyle film to showcase Clerkenwell, the location of their new property development. The video had to showcase why the area is such a great place to work. 

the answer.

Clerkenwell is a very diverse area, there are loads to do and see, and everyday life is full of unique personalities and places.  We commissioned a spoken word artist to write and perform a bespoke piece about how Clerkenwell and the local area allows people to “bloom”.  It was built around the theme of “bloom where you’re planted”, reminding the audience how important your surroundings are to growth, collaboration, inspiration and happiness.

We handpicked interesting faces and chose businesses that make Clerkenwell the exciting and distinct place it is. These decisions were guided by the poem, whilst the edit flowed with the rhythmic and vibrant language of the spoken word.  

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