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the ask:

Stepladder, Fairview's branding agency, tasked us with creating a captivating brand awareness video to drive traffic to the Fairview website. The goal was to showcase the diverse experiences of first-time homebuyers and highlight the advantages of selecting a Fairview home.

the answer:

We conceived an impactful concept centred around a hero video, complemented by four social media cutdowns. We harnessed the power of User Generated Content (UGC) aesthetics to capture the authenticity that modern audiences crave. This approach involved seamlessly blending real-life first-time buyers' experiences with curated stock footage and our moments captured at Fairview's marketing suite.

Our production techniques played a pivotal role in achieving the authentic UGC look and feel. During the shoot days with the actors, we employed vertical filming, single-takes, selfies and other approaches that not only mirrored the spontaneity of user-generated content but also added an element of excitement to the video.

The resulting video encapsulated the essence of moving into and living in a Fairview home, from engaging mini-tours to cosy movie nights with friends, amusing cooking mishaps, and tranquil self-care Sundays on the sofa. It exuded an energetic atmosphere, bringing the joyous Fairview Homes ambience to life and demonstrating how living there allows you to be unapologetically yourself.

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