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Success story

climate clarity.

Red Consultancy

the ask.

McDonald’s created a Climate Clarity Guide to help customers cut through climate jargon. We were asked to create some compelling content that would resonate with those that wanted to learn more about the environment but found the language around it a challenge. 

the answer.

In order to show how children were as interested in this subject as the parents, we partnered with Emmerdale star Charley Webb who also brought along her son Buster for the ride. We showed Buster’s natural curiosity about the planet as he asked Charley lots of questions about the environment. In turn, Charley was able to reference the guide as the solution for parents in a similar situation.

Instead of capturing this in a restaurant, we found an outdoor location, to ensure that our setting matched the theme of the content. We found somewhere with multiple outdoor setups to keep variety and a sense of pace in the final cut.

Once we had this locked we created a number of different cut downs for Insta stories and reels for both McDonald’s and talent. 

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