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The FA

the ask.

The FA wanted to tackle the issue of fans misbehaving when travelling overseas to watch England. In order to do this they wanted a video that highlights the issue of the anti-social behaviour of fans and shows it in the cold light of day. 

the answer.

Working with our director Jim Hayton we developed the script with the FA, creating scenarios that both helped land the key message whilst acknowledging the majority of fans are well-behaved.  This resulted in the creation of our fan being self-reflective and looking back on his behaviour in hindsight via a series 
of UGC “viral” videos.  A style of filming that people associate with viewing this sort of behaviour in real life.

With a week of pre-production, we put everything in place so that on the day our crew of 18 and cast of 24 could cover 4 locations, toss a bike into a canal 11 times, jump on a car 30 times and throw around 10 pints of non-alcoholic beer around a restaurant. The following day, a stripped-back video production crew drove up to Derby to capture Gareth Southgate for the closing call to action, whilst the edit started back at Bear Jam HQ London.   No more than a week after we wrapped on Gareth Southgate the final edit was being colour graded and sound mixed ready to go live to the media on the following day.

The film was picked up by a large number of news publications including the Guardian, Mail Online, ESPN, The Times, BBC, The Mirror and The Sun to name a few as well as played in full on Sky Sports News channel.  

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