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scanning the brain of Checo Perez.

M&C Saatchi
Oracle Red Bull Racing and TAG Heuer

the ask

To celebrate and promote TAG Heuer's Monaco Night Driver, a limited edition watch, released just before the 2023 Singapore Grand Prix. BearJam was entrusted with shedding light on how night-time conditions affect ORBR drivers and the survival instincts it brings out in them. The creative approach was to connect Checo to brainwave detectors during a simulated training session, offering insight into the mentality of a champion.

the answer

In keeping with Red Bull's signature style, we adopted a loose observational YouTube documentary format. Our characters engaged in conversations with each other, occasionally speaking directly to the off-camera director as they shared their thoughts, experiences, and insights. On-the-fly interviews with each character, conducted within the simulator space, allowed us to capture their real-time reactions and emotions. We enlisted the expertise of neuroscientists to provide context and a deeper insight into the experiment. With live readouts, they were able to analyze the data in real time.

We created a set centred around the simulator. To stay in keeping with the Night Driver luminescent watch, light and darkness were to play a huge part in the video. We installed a huge LED screen to act as a dynamic light source along with adjustable light tubes to further enhance the atmosphere.

We captured the content using a blend of wide and close-up shots, coupled with simulator capture footage. Multiple cameras allowed us to cover every angle and create a split-screen look in post-production. As conditions changed in the simulator, so did the lighting. Bright and airy for the daytime simulation and darker tones for nighttime. This not only set the mood but also showed off the all-important features of the watch. 

Visual effects and motion graphics were employed to vividly illustrate Checo's brain activity, making for a unique video. We paid particular attention to the watch, showcasing how it transformed under varying lighting conditions.

In addition to the hero video, we created teasers and platform-specific social video content.

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