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disability football.

The FA

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Fuse, the Sport and Entertainment Agency, was challenged by their client - the FA - to create a video for the launch of the Disability Cup. With access to 5 players from 5 different disciplines, the challenge was to showcase the difference whilst also ensuring it worked as one joined-up piece of content. 

the answer.

We focused on letting the sport and the performances take centre stage, not the disabilities or different disciplines.  By showing great moments of the footballers in action, naturally revealed their skill, passion, athleticism and team spirit, all of which were of great importance to the client.

Captured over 5 days we filmed a mixture of footage in different styles whilst the edit also included assets generated by the players - these included, photos, go-pro clips and phone footage.  This approach helped us show different aspects and viewpoints of the game and at times amplified the ‘grassroots’ aspect of football. 

All this footage also meant that we had a whole host of assets and were able to have a very fast-paced edit as we went from one discipline to another - whilst including short sharp soundbites.

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