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Success story

siri, order me a McDonald’s.

Ready 10

the ask.

To promote the MyMcDonald’s app, Ready 10 partnered with Harry Redknapp and asked us to create a video that used Harry’s charm and played on the idea that Harry is bad with tech using some tongue-in-cheek gags and some self-deprecating humour. 

the answer.

To give the film an authentic feel we created a BTS aesthetic where our director could be heard and the boom was (at times) in shot. We depicted Harry as chatting to the director before the camera rolls - indignant that he had been chosen by McDonald’s for this featurette. This meant we could get a more candid piece of content from Harry.  We scripted some jokes ahead of the shoot and others were captured on the fly on the day. Giving us the freedom to let Harry ad-lib whilst also knowing we had enough for the final edit.  The BTS aesthetic meant we could cut to the key messages in the edit in a smooth way - ensuring people know that ordering via Siri is easy.

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