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UK Anti-Doping

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UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) wanted to take the focus away from those who cheat in sports and instead shine a light on those athletes who had their moment in the spotlight taken because others chose to dope. They wanted a film that would show what it takes to become an athlete - blood, sweat and sometimes tears. This was asked during the peak of lockdown so any solutions had to be completely remote. The talent they had in mind for this was John Jackson, captain of the UK four-man bobsleigh team. 

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We started the process by having a long chat with John Jackson to find out all about his story and reviewing what footage, images and media existed that we could use to bring his story to life. With this information, we were able to start bringing his story to life. Our director, Jon Shaikh, already knew what story threads he wanted to pull on before we recorded our full interview - which lasted 2 hours. Of this, only 4 minutes ended up in the final edit. To complement John’s retelling of his story we used both archive footage and animated still imagery. Meaning we were able to produce the whole piece remotely. 

The final film was launched by UKAD during Clean Sport Week Ready for the Games campaign.

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