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Success story

the ultimate test.

Synergy Sponsorship

the ask.

To create a film which brought Canterbury’s ‘Unbreakable’ campaign to life in an engaging and entertaining way. The creative idea, location and talent were already in place but Synergy turned to BearJam to direct and produce the film.

the answer.

Set in a room in a hotel, our first task was to create an office environment. We provided the creative direction and lighting to get the desired look. We briefed Claude on our approach and gave him plenty of freedom to scrutinise the players as only he could. Occasionally we would set the talent back on track to ensure Canterbury’s key messages were hit, especially the unbreakable messaging.

In post-production, we were able to exaggerate the tension and moments of awkwardness. The final film was used across Canterbury’s own social channels and engaged their own rugby fans, as well as being seeded to online press to target rugby fans more broadly.  Coverage including the Mail Online.

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