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Success story

how long has it been?


the ask.

We were asked to create a piece of video content that educates consumers on the importance of sleep and/or the negative impacts of a lack of sleep in a creative and engaging way. The aim was for consumers to self-evaluate whether they were getting enough sleep and if they were not then to ask their pharmacist for guidance. 

the answer.

We created a playful edit in which we misdirected the audience into thinking we were talking about something that happens in the bedroom… but isn’t sleep!

We cast real people - a combination of singles and couples of different ages. The first half of the edit focused on their answer to the question - how long has it been since you had some? 

We cut between their answers playing to the suggested innuendo in a light-hearted way. At the midpoint, we then dropped the reveal so we could ensure our message had a level of seriousness. The delicate balance we were able to tread meant we were able to produce a final piece of content with naturalistic and warm energy. 

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