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Success story

Tekkerz Kid vs Jamie Redknapp and Alex Scott.

The Red Consultancy

the ask.

To promote McDonald’s Fun Football, by producing a fun video featuring Jamie Redknapp and Alex Scott as they take part in the type of challenges kids may do during the free sessions.

Getting any talent together into the same room is tricky. But when one of them is still at school things become even harder! For our taskmaster, Tekkerz Kid, we had to come up with a remote approach. 

the answer. 

The BearJam team developed a selection of challenges for the video and briefed them into Tekkerz Kid. He was then tasked to film himself doing each challenge the day before, editing them together that night and presenting them to Alex and Jamie so they could have a turn. After wrapping with Alex and Jamie, a quick edit was put together to show Tekkerz Kid so we could capture his reactions swiftly after filming.

Time was of the essence, we filmed on Friday and the edits went live on Monday. Two editors worked simultaneously throughout the weekend, and regular reviews were scheduled to ensure we got everything over the line before the deadline. 


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