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Success story

don’t forget your vaccine.

Large Pharmaceutical Co.

the ask. 

We were asked by BCW to help their client promote an important vaccine against Tick-Borne Encephalitis, in a Europe-wide campaign. They needed a series of social videos to create awareness and encourage people not to forget the vaccine.

Being part of a European campaign, the content needed to use humour to gain traction whilst also not appearing like it was shot in the UK and no dialogue was allowed - an interesting challenge! 

the answer.

We created a series of comic vignettes in which people forget key items - spoiling their time in the countryside. With no dialogue, emphasis was placed on the reactions of both parties, with a mixture of comic styles applied so different vignettes will resonate with different European markets.

Additionally, we found a location with both countryside and a European vibe just outside London and complemented this with a European cast. In post, we localised all the videos for the different key markets. 

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