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Success story

european breakfast.

Knight Frank

the ask: 

Long-standing client, Knight Frank came to BearJam to help produce one of their annual flagship webinars, the Commercial European Breakfast. The brief was to deliver a first-class, seamless experience for their global audience. The production needed a fresh and creative approach for 2022. 


the answer:

We pitched three possible approaches, with Knight Frank choosing a route to film in a TV style studio, enabling interactive presentation, with graphical stats and high production value.  

We wanted to utilise the studio space and give the webinar the feel of an informative news show. This would also give an additional sense of gravitas to the presenters.  

Working closely with the team at Knight Frank we created different segments to cover topical subjects. These included presentations, a panel discussion and a VT slot from Paris.

With this approach, much of the work was done ahead of the shoot day itself. Not only did we work on the scripting, we also had to design and animate all of the on-screen graphics that would appear on the screens behind the presenters.

We also travelled to France to film a short segment which was to be cut into the programme. To further enhance this segment we captured additional drone shots and sourced other footage to give context to the piece.

On the main shoot day our team of producers worked with the studio’s crew to deliver a slick experience all directed by BearJam’s Creative Director, James.   

In post-production our edit team assembled the webinar, selecting best takes and creating a smooth seamless show switching between different camera angles and transitioning from segment to segment.

We were also able to tweak a few of the on-screen graphics and slip in some additional imagery.  The finishing touch was subtitles in 3 additional languages ready for the international audience. 

client feedback 

"Thank you so much for all of the hard work and delivering a wonderful production!"

"Well done – it's gone down very well, with everyone saying it’s a massive step up on what they have been used to. A massive team effort to turn this around in what was only 4 weeks – it's been emotional but I’ve personally enjoyed having such a talented team to work with. The end result speaks for itself."

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