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What is your expertise ‘sweet spot’?

making bold, powerful video. it’s all we do.

Our broad expertise means we can create bold powerful video for any brief. It's why we get to do this for a huge range and play with all forms of video. 

Live-action, animation, celebrity camo... it doesn't stop there...

We do everything video. Everything.
An in-house team of specialist experts.
A brilliant network of award-winning directors.

branded content.

Branded video is a marketing superpower. It's essential for us to understand your brand and the challenge first. Only then can we create the best video content for your brand and your customers.


Motion graphics is a BearJam speciality. We think about the challenge, creatively design the answer, then bring it to glorious animated life. If you need amazing animation, look no further, we’ve got you!


An ever-changing landscape that we keep on top of for you. Combining social insight and expertise, we help you get the right video in the right place at the right time. You’re in safe hands with BearJam.


BearJam has a superb portfolio of scripted success stories under our belt. Work with our highly talented creative director, James, and our enviable director roster. Then get ready for... lights, camera, action!


It's very unpredictable and hard to get right, but BearJam knows exactly how to handle it. Making engaging, authentic video content that surprises and delights audiences is what we love to do.

live action.

We thrive when it comes alive! Join us on set to watch cast and crew swing into seamless action. Maximising film time, talent and budgets takes BearJam skill, it’s still one of the best bits of our job, we love it!

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